Thursday, 5 July 2012

Free Home Computer Recycling

Many households across the country have purchased new computers, laptops and monitors recently, but what will happen to their old and unwanted equipment now? Most will end up being taken to a local refuse site, which will mean more landfill for the UK and therefore more pollution. There is also the potential of your computer hard disk drive containing sensitive information including credit card details along with your name and address, and you could do without this information getting in to the wrong hands. How can you do your bit for the environment, and protect your personal data? Environmental Computer Recycling make sure that your computer equipment is not part of the 1000’s of tons of waste which ends up in landfill each year, as all items are recycled for their raw materials or for re-use. We totally destroy all hard drives using a shredding process for your piece of mind. To assist the public with disposals of their old computer equipment, we are offering our Free IT Recycling Services and Data Destruction to anyone who wishes to drop off their old computer equipment to our Birmingham based warehouse between the hours of 1pm and 4pm Monday to Friday. If weekdays are inconvenient, you can contact us on 0121 472 3444 and we will do our utmost to organise for a member of staff to be available for receipt of the goods on Saturday. Call 0121 472 3444 for more information about our Free IT Recycling Services, or to advise which day you will be visiting our warehouse Environmental Computer Recycling and Removals Limited Units 24&25 Sterling Park Clapgate Lane Woodgate Valley Birmingham B32 3BU Tel: 0121 472 3444 Email - Web -

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Environmental Computer Recycling and Removals Ltd

Are you replacing your PC’s, Laptops or Printers shortly?

Do you need your data securely erased?

Are you going to pay to have your equipment removed from site?

Contact us today for your FREE removal service and FREE data erasure for secure protection against data theft *.

Company Overview :-
Environmental Computer Recycling and Removals Limited are a UK company who’s integrity lies in making sure that your electrical equipment is not part of the 1000’s of tons of waste which ends up in landfill each year.

We provide a commercial recycling solution for your unwanted computer and telecommunications equipment, and our aim is to refurbish this equipment to be reused by Charities and other organisations at an affordable low cost.

Save the Children receive a quarterly donation from the sales of any electrical equipment recycled, and therefore we are not just helping to Save the Planet, but to Save Lives as well.

We offer our services to Public Sector, Corporate, Blue Chip, SME clients as well as home users, and our professional approach includes the following:-

•100% Secure hard drive data removal

•All data is erased to CESG or US Department of Defence standards

•Free data removal service

•Free collections within a 40 mile radius *

•Recycled instead of being used as Landfill

•Computers, Laptops, File Servers, Printers, Monitors, Mobile and Landline Telephones all recycled for reuse

•Quarterly donations made to Save the Children
We totally erase any information from the hard drives using Blancco software, which is recognised worldwide as the No.1 in this industry. This service allows us a certificate of data erasure for each individual hard drive, and for your peace of mind. If the hard disk drive cannot be accessed, it will be removed and destroyed under the correct procedures. We also use DBAN for safe data removal.

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Environmental Computer Recycling and Removals Limited, Greenfield House, 204 Corisande Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B29 6RS
Registered Waste Carrier Licence Number CB/BP3517QQ : Company Registration No. 07129126